Striving for more, better

Quality takes time, and so does developing sustainable products and a transparent supply chain. But, without any doubt, it is worth it! We are constantly improving to bring you handbags that look better, feel better and do better. We aim to craft bags that last a lifetime, that can be used, loved and passed onto the next generation with a good conscious. By holding the ropes in every step of or value chain, from leather sourcing to the delivery to your doorstep, we ensure the progress of our sustainability journey, while never losing sight of our core beliefs.

We believe in transparency. We believe in craftsmanship. We believe in integrity. 

A more sustainable world will be the cumulative result of small-scale efforts along with more macro strategies spanning across entire industries and economic areas. We imagine a future with less over-production and environmentally devastating waste. Overproduction in the fashion industry and a culture of treating wardrobes as disposable are the cause behind many global problems, from wasted CO2 to excess items being landfilled or burned. Nobody needs just another handbag. We, therefore, commit to creating products responsibly and enabling you to maximize their wear. It is time to craft simply better handbags, already today. So we want to help you to make the right, conscious choice. Below you can learn more about our business and the actions we are taking for a sustainable value chain.