Striving for more, better

Quality takes time, and so does developing sustainable products and a transparent supply chain. But, without any doubt, it is worth it! We are constantly improving to bring you handbags that look better, feel better and do better. We aim to craft bags that last a lifetime, that can be used, loved and passed onto the next generation with a good conscious. By holding the ropes in every step of or value chain, from leather sourcing to the delivery to your doorstep, we ensure the progress of our sustainability journey, while never losing sight of our core beliefs.

We believe in craftsmanship.
We believe in integrity.
We believe in transparency.
We want to be honest with you. Today, sustainability cannot always be achieved in every dimension: There are different pros and cons for each choice along the supply chain. We believe that more transparency is essential, and want to inform consumers to make the right, conscious choice. Below you can learn more about our business and the actions we are taking for a sustainable value chain.

… for today

Overproduction in the fashion industry and a culture of treating wardrobes as disposable are the cause behind many global problems, from wasted CO2 to excess items being landfilled or burned. Nobody needs just another handbag. We, therefore, commit to creating products responsibly and enabling you to maximize their wear. It is time to craft simply better handbags, already today.

… and for the future

A more sustainable world will be the cumulative result of small-scale efforts along with more macro strategies spanning across entire industries and economic areas. We imagine a future with less over-production and environmentally devastating waste. We imagine a future with more satisfied consumers, without compromising on the happiness of everyone. Contributing to sustainability is an integral part of our core values: craftsmanship, integrity and transparency. We do them justice with:
100% European value chain
Focus on value, but without the markup
Investing into people
Enabling and educating our customers


We prioritize traceability in our supply chain and working with the highest quality leather to ensure animal welfare and lowest possible impact on the planet. All of the leathers used by AMELI ZURICH are a by-product of food production and are sourced locally in Italy. Our product development is constantly looking for innovative new materials, but beautifully crafted leather goods are a core part of our DNA, and make a natural alternative to fossil fuel synthetics.


In the past, craft was considered to be a lesser form of art than, for example, painting because the objects made had a functional purpose. Over time, the boundaries between art and craft became more and more blurred. And that is how we see it; Crafting a beautiful handbag by hand is a work of art and deserves our respect and gratitude. To put our values into practice, we commit to living by them and meeting all of our stakeholders with the respect they deserve.


We believe that creating high-quality leather products requires combining modern and best-in-class materials with years of experience in leather processing and manufacturing. That is why our bags are designed and engineered in Switzerland and exclusively hand-manufactured in Italy by a small, traditional family business, with utmost attention to details and the highest level of precision and care. The proximity of the leather manufacturer to the Swiss border allows us to benefit from close collaboration and personal exchanges of ideas and experiences, creating a complementary and novel approach to creating innovative products. The love of craftsmanship and the demand for perfect quality are an essential part of our supplier relationship. Read more

Valuing resources

We want to give mother nature the love she deserves. In order to appreciate our resources, we work on minimizing carbon footprint, avoid overproduction and use leather leftovers.

Fair Working Conditions

We also make sure that our bags are manufactured under fair working conditions. Through our close cooperation, we personally inspect the production every 3-4 months and, thus, ensure compliance with fair working regulations. Further, our producer is certified and regularly audited as "100% made in Italy". Amongst others, this ensures that employees working conditions are in accordance with European labor laws, health and safety standards.


We want to help you love your favorite wardrobe pieces for years to come. Because our AMELIs are just too beautiful to go to waste. Because re-wearing is cool. Because the environment will thank you.

Timeless Design

Instead of constantly flooding the market with vast quantities of new models in loud designs and colors, we want to provide women with that forever handbag. Our timeless and versatile handbags are designed to encourage sustainable consumption by replacing all those "I don’t remember when I last wore it"- and "It’s already broken"-handbags. By avoiding excess production, we avoid unnecessary waste and big warehouses while not having to rely on a sales culture to get rid of excess stock. For our customers, the results of these efforts are handbags that are sophisticated and actually functional, wearable with many outfits, and, with a bit of care, last a lifetime. 

High Value

We believe in value, not in unnecessary markups. At AMELI ZURICH, what you pay for is what you get. By cutting out intermediaries, we can assure you that your money actually goes to the people involved in creating and bringing you your beautiful handbag. We are able to offer you the highest quality made in Italy at a lower markup than traditional brands by maintaining a lean supply chain and keeping the overhead at a minimum. Our philosophy is simple: You get the highest quality product – minus the luxury markup. Further, the costs for our sustainability efforts are deducted from our margin, not taken from your wallet.


Some people love their bags to acquire a vintage, used look and some don't – both are fine! But it is important to understand how different leathers age and how they should be cared for. Minimize your cost-per-carry and show the environment some love with proper leather care! We want to put an end to the notion that your wardrobe is disposable, and encourage our first instinct to be to repair rather than replace. With just a few steps, our long-lasting AMELI bags can be more than just a summer romance but have all it takes to become your life companion.