We founded AMELI in 2020 to make a change - in the handbag industry and beyond. For all women who are like us - constantly striving for more, better.


We strive for better design - bringing you the perfect (business) handbag, fusing functionality with wearable, contemporary bag designs. Each piece is designed to be an extension of your own ambition and personal style.


We strive for a better world - valuing craftsmanship, integrity and transparency with handmade products from Italy. We don't want to be another brand that exploits human rights to reduce costs. We also don't want to be sustainable in a way that we use sustainable materials for pieces that are worn 5 times and then thrown away. We believe in longevity, pieces that last, sustainable use of resources, fair working conditions.


We strive for more than a bag - empowering women by contributing to women's (right to) education. The empowerment and support of women is a matter to our heart. Last year, we donated 5000 CHF to the Malala Fund. 


Christina is our driving force behind our ideas, designs and vision.

I wanted to create the bags I always missed during my time in consulting. Business bags that don't compromise and fuse elegance with functionality.

With AMELI, I want to make life for business women like me easier and use this platform as way to empower women beyond handbags - With relevant content, but also by supporting girl's education.

Charly is the man in the background that keeps all the strings together

It always struck me that my female colleagues carried two bags to the office. One nice purse expressing the personality and one practical, rather ugly notebook bag.

With AMELI, I want to put an end to the compromise and create the perfect business purse, combining elegance with functionality.


Our two-man show is not a two-man show anymore

By now, we are team full of hard-working, dedicated people that give the best everyday. Without our team, we wouldn't be where we are today and we are grateful for all the milestones achieved and yet to come.


More about us and matters close to our heart