We value high quality and transparency and are happy that we can combine both in our supply chain. We carefully select all our materials from established players in Italy that are known for their experience, craftsmanship and quality. 

Our premium Italian leather

We work with established Italian tanneries, that have long years of experience and work in accordance with the high EU regulations and standards.

Such quality of leather guarantees that our pieces are long-lasting and have an excellent touch and visual finish.


This leather has a supple finish and is scratch-resistant. The spanning in the tannery creates a high-quality, long-lasting and durable surface, making it perfect for everyday use.


This top grain leather highlights the leather's natural texture. It is minimally processed to illustrate the pure, organic surface and also has an excellent resistance against wear.

Saffiano Leather

This leather is similar to our pebbled leather, only with a little different surface structure, maing it as well stratch-, dirt- and water resistant. The name 'Saffiano' comes from the cross hatch print that is pressed into the wax that coats the leather.

Our other materials

As we make sure that the right material is used in the right place to support the longevity and meet the design requirements of our handbags, we equally make sure it is sourced in the right place. Even the smallest components, such as the cotton inlay or metal ware, are carefully researched and handpicked from suppliers near our factory in Italy.

Behind the scenes

Carefully selecting the best material for the straps for you. The straps are made in the near of Varese, 20 min drive from our producer.

Behind the scenes

Each metal piece we use is hand-picked from our co-founder and designer Christina. Our metal pieces are sourced from a renowed manufacturer in Toscany.

Behind the scenes

This photo was taken at the Lineapelle, the biggest leather fair in Italy. We meet there with the producers of our reinforcement and inner lining.