Metal Piece (Pair)


You are a heavy user of your BELLEVUE, VIADUKT or VIADUKT WORK? You love to carry it as backpack or cross-body but sometimes wish to have a little more stability? 

Then, we might have a solution for you. Thanks to all your amazing constructive feedback, we have developed metal pieces that help you to stabilize the straps. With a pair of pliers and a screwdriver, you can easily assemble the strap yourself.

The metal piece is sourced from Italy from the same manufacturer as our other metal materials. Therefore, it is exactly the same color of gold as the other metal pieces on  your bag.

PLEASE NOTE: Some pins are tough to open by hand. Please try before ordering whether one of the two pins can be opened by yourself with the tools you have.
If this is not the case, please reach out to us via We offer professional attachment of the metal straps for 30 EUR (incl. metal pieces). Please be aware, that this service will also be subject to shipping costs.

What you need

You need pliers (we recommend a pipe wrench), a slotted (-) screwdriver, your strap and the metal pieces.

How to open

Carefully use the pliers to hold the pin tight. Use a cloth in between to avoid scratching the pin. Then turn the screwdriver counterclockwise.

How to attach

Once you have the pin opened, remove all pieces from the strap and then put them on in this order: Pin, leather loop, metal piece, carabiner.

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