Laptop Bag Guideline

What (laptop) bag can you recommend?

Hi, I am Christina, the co-founder and creative mind behind the bags. As there have been recently so many questions about which bag I would recommend, I listed what I find important for a laptop bag and give you some background information on our different models.

Two so often asked questions

Does it fit my laptop? Can I carry it as a backpack?

Besides those features above, it was important to us that the laptop fits. Additionally, some of the bags can be carried as a backpack.

Laptop Icon 1793655 Backpack


The CENTRAL was our very first bag. The name is inspired by the metro station close to the Zürich HB as there are a lot of busy people running around. It is my personal non-compromise bag. All my friends are a little more casual than me, but personally, nothing gives me more confidence than a pencil skirt and heels. So the CENTRAL with its very elegant, almost strict features is the perfect business bag. What I especially like is that it comes with the detachable clutch
Greige | Pebbled Leather
Color: Greige | Pebbled Leather

LETTEN (15")

We created the LETTEN because so many lawyers visited us in our showroom and mentioned the importance of a bag to fit a big DIN A4 folder. To be honest, it was love at second sight. It took so many rounds to finish this bag, but currently, it is my most worn bag. It just fits everything and is super convenient because of the adjustable handle length. Plus, it can be worn in both a business or really casual context.
Cappuccino | Pebbled Leather
Color: Olive Green | Pebbled Leather

SELNAU (16")

Let's be honest: SELNAU is a huge bag. But if I am on a business trip and I can't close the CENTRAL because I have simply too much stuff with me, what is it worth?

SELNAU is not a cute, one day at the office bag. It is a bag that actually fits your 16" laptop (which is really tough to find on the market as those laptops are quite big) and a lot more: DIN A4 folder, water bottle, snacks, make-up bag, ...

What I really like is that you can also attach a clutch to the bag, that the handle length is adjustable and that the laptop case can be taken out.

 Olive Green | Pebbled Leather
Color: Powder | Pebbled Leather


BELLEVUE was, besides CENTRAL, our first bag to be released and I am still super proud of the invention to carry the bag multiple ways - both as backpack and cross-body, but also without the handles for an elegant entry.

I used to think that I am not a backpack person. Well, then I got a dog and my bike became my most often used means of transport. I don't want to miss this feature anymore.

Greige | Soft Grain Leather
Color: Greige | Soft Grain Leather

VIADUKT series

We started with our VIADUKT as a weekend bag, mainly because I wanted my mum to not buy the 5th laptop bag even though she doesn't even own a laptop.

The design makes this bag so easily recognizable - being almost as classy as a Celine or Hèrmes bag. Thankfully, also our community fell in love with the design and requested different sizes. As a result, we have the VIADUKT DAY, which is the middle version, perfect for a day at the office, and the VIADUKT WORK, that has space for more than your most precious essentials. All bags are designed to carry them multiple ways.

VIADUKT series

We wouldn't be here without you!

So many details, colors, features of the bags have been implemented because of your feedback, your ideas, your input. I cannot thank you enough and highly encourage you to write us if we missed one important feature for you to make it the perfect bag.