The highlights of our VIADUKT DAY

The VIADUKT DAY is the perfect middle in our VIADUKT series and has similar features. The size is perfect for a day at the office with some nice evening activities where you don't want your bag to be a burden.

AMELI x elleXX

The highlights of our limited edition

We created the VIADUKT DAY "Close the Gaps" together with elleXX, a female platform. In contrast to our other VIADUKT bags, this one focuses on being the perfect cross-body bag. It comes with a length-adjustable, wide strap that is attached on loops at the side of the bag.

Size comparison

Let's help you find the right size

Our three VIADUKT mainly differ in their size and what you can fit in there.

The VIADUKT is for us the perfect bag for a weekend stroll, whereas the VIADUKT DAY is perfect for a day at the office with not too many other essentials. The VIADUKT WORK is perfect when you want to fit all your essentials into the bag (or are on a work trip).

Smaller differences are that the VIADUKT has a zipper pocket inside instead of a laptop compartment, whereas the other two bags have a zipper at the bag and metal feet at the bottom. The volume of the VIADUKT and VIADUKT DAY can both be adjusted by regulating the strap at the top of the bag.

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