AMELI Book Club PART 2


Randomness, probability and uncertainty. Words that most of the times strongly test my patience as a founder and yet privately are highly interesting and challenging for me. The volatility of these three words that seem to accompany every individual through life have always fascinated me. The book "The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" by essayist, mathematical statistician, former option trader and risk analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb, was named one of the 12 most influential books since World War II by The Sunday Times and I can understand why. How often do we find ourselves confronted with what seems like the most random events or outcomes that could have happened, and how often do we find ourselves justifying those? I catch myself doing this daily. So reading how we naturally strive to find explanations for these rare and unforeseen events in retrospect and giving this an empirical base felt like exploring my unexplainable thought processes. I would recommend this book to genuinely everyone who wants to better understand their own thoughts and by doing so, increase their empathy for those around. Especially for those, who are struggling just like myself sometimes to categorize these so-called "Black Swan" events and turn them into positive "white swan memories" on long-term, this book is a must-read.

My weekly essential that I cannot live without: My Wirtschaftswoche Subscription on my Kindle. The publication is an essential part of my weekend routine to help me stay on top of the most important developments in the economy and beyond. While I try to consume the right amount of news daily, a well-written round up at the end of the week helps my mind to organize the trillion different things that are happening in the world and helps me give each subject enough room and attention. The level of journalism is excellent and even hard subjects are broken down to a level that I would recommend this publication to everyone, no matter their level of knowledge when it comes to finances, politics, society etc.


Practical is a word that has become more and more important in life as I have grown older. While fun, dreamy lovestories and a lot of inspiration are often what I seek in between the pages of a good book, there is a special place in my heart for the books that are giving the right amount of advice so that I feel heard and understood, but not like I am understanding life wrong. Sometimes a good book can help you put your own situation into perspective, help you treasure life even more and still help you grow personally. I am currently re-reading Jennifer Petriglieri's book "Couples That Work", after having had a beautiful daughter and juggling life at home as a family of three and it amazes me how differently I understand some of the insights this book gives me.

So if there is something I can strongly recommend to all of you, it is not simply just one book. It is picking up a book that you have already read and seeing how the words have changed their meaning simply through your own personal growth.

Just in time for the perfect holiday reading list, we want to hear from you too! Share with us your book recommendations in the comment section, message us on Social Media or send us an email, we are looking forward to keep this list growing. Let us create all together a phenomenal reading list to enjoy on the beach, cuddled up in bed or as cliché as it gets: under a blossoming tree.


As a well-known master in her niche, Colleen Hoover, is always worth a fun-summer read for me and so is "It ends with us" no exception. The up-and-downs of the twisted love story between Lily, who just wanted a fresh start in a new town, and Ryle, a self absorbed neuro-surgeon, are so well described that sometimes I was wondering, If I’d be utterly in love or repelled by the narcissistic main character. And if that was not already enough for a cliché love story between a good girl and a bad boy, the story transforms into a complicated love triangle, when Lily’s ex-boyfriend from the past she has left behind suddenly reappears. So, the question of all questions remains: Falling for the bad boy, that brings so much excitement and joy, but the same amount of danger and insecurity into Lily’s life, or going back to the kindred spirited she seems to have grown apart from. Imagine the lies, drama and passion.


For me a fun summer read and a great imperfect love story - keeping the drama safely sealed between the pages, while you are laying in the sun!


A different spin in the thriller genre with just the right amount of emotional intelligence and a pinch of dark humor. This fairly experimental combination is sometimes just what I need after a long day at work, to fully transfer my mind into a different world, that is surprisingly so similar to our every day. Telling the stories of different outcasts, Christian Helm’s short story collection ,,Das System der äpfel” (Sorry, dear AMELI community - it is unfortunately only available in German!) creates a world in which nothing is as it seems. Creating thrilling stories blending the lines between dream and reality, he encapsulates the dark sides of humanity that is somewhere hidden, untouched sleeping in all of us. For me, these stories and their unexpected plot twist have left me speechless and shocked in the best way possible.