Quality takes time, and so does developing sustainable products and a transparent supply chain. But, without any doubt, it is worth it! We are constantly improving to bring you handbags that look better, feel better and do better. We aim to craft bags that last a lifetime, that can be used, loved and passed onto the next generation with a good conscious. By holding the ropes in every step of or value chain, from leather sourcing to the delivery to your doorstep, we ensure the progress of our sustainability journey, while never losing sight of our core beliefs.

We believe in transparency. We believe in craftsmanship. We believe in integrity. 

A more sustainable world will be the cumulative result of small-scale efforts along with more macro strategies spanning across entire industries and economic areas. We imagine a future with less over-production and environmentally devastating waste. Overproduction in the fashion industry and a culture of treating wardrobes as disposable are the cause behind many global problems, from wasted CO2 to excess items being landfilled or burned. Nobody needs just another handbag. We, therefore, commit to creating products responsibly and enabling you to maximize their wear. It is time to craft simply better handbags, already today. So we want to help you to make the right, conscious choice. Below you can learn more about our business and the actions we are taking for a sustainable value chain.


Source high-quality and transparently

We prioritize traceability in our supply chain and a high quality to ensure longevity. We carefully source all our materials in Italy from established manufacturers.

Premium Italian Leather

The best design will never result in that forever handbag if the foundation is not quite right. Therefore, our handbags are made from carefully selected Genuine Italian leather. Paired with a high level of care in production, the leather quality guarantees that your favorite AMELI ZURICH handbag stays with you for a long time, maintaining an excellent touch and visual finish. To choose the best possible leather, we work with established Italian tanneries, that have long years of experience and work in accordance with the high EU regulations and standards. All of the leathers used by AMELI ZURICH are a by-product of food production and are sourced locally in Italy. Our product development is constantly looking for innovative new materials, but beautifully crafted leather goods are a core part of our DNA, and make a natural alternative to fossil fuel synthetics.


Other Materials

As we make sure that the right material is used in the right place to support the longevity and meet the design requirements of our handbags, we equally make sure it is sourced in the right place. Even the smallest components, such as the cotton inlay or metal ware, are carefully researched and handpicked from suppliers near our factory in Italy.


Handmade with Integrity

Crafting a beautiful handbag by hand is a work of art and deserves our respect and gratitude. To put our values into practice, we commit to living by them and meeting all of our stakeholders with the respect they deserve.

We believe that creating high-quality leather products requires combining modern and best-in-class materials with years of experience in leather processing and manufacturing. That is why our bags are designed and engineered in Switzerland and exclusively hand-manufactured in Italy by a small, traditional family business, with utmost attention to details and the highest level of precision and care. The proximity of the leather manufacturer to the Swiss border allows us to benefit from close collaboration and personal exchanges of ideas and experiences, creating a complementary and novel approach to creating innovative products. The love of craftsmanship and the demand for perfect quality are an essential part of our supplier relationship.

Also, we want to give mother nature the love she deserves. In order to appreciate our resources, we work on minimizing carbon footprint, avoid overproduction and use leather leftovers.


Reducing Waste

It is estimated, that in Europe alone close to 200 thousand tons of leather waste are generated, each year. We want to counteract this and respect this valuable resource. Therefore, we added small leather accessories to our product range, so that also leather leftovers find a purpose.


Counteracting Overproduction

Every year, 20% of the produced fashion pieces are not sold. The pieces are disposed of, shredded or burned. We are completely against these standards. To counteract overproduction in the textile industry, we only produce small, low-risk batches. As a consequence, we might sometimes be out of stock - but we believe the environment is worth it.


Minimizing Carbon Footprint

By sourcing all of our materials in Italy and not having any intermediaries, we were able to minimize the steps and geographical distance between the raw materials and your doorstep. This, combined with our value-focused design principles and CO2-friendly shipping, allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.

Extend Wear

Timeless Design and Maintenance

Our requirement for the design is that our products are timeless and elegant as well as functional. Thanks to the timeless aesthetics, we resist ever changing trends and consciously select colors and shapes that can be worn over a longer period of time. With the functionality also comes the versatility, as our bags can be worn in different ways.

We want to help you to maximize lifetime of your AMELI and encourage our first instinct to be to repair rather than replace.

Leather Care

Take Care of your AMELI

The first step to a long-lasting wardrobe is to be intentional with how you care for your items. Our production has offered their best tips to assure your favorite AMELI bags stays with you for as long as possible. Read more

Complimentary Repair Service

Repair, not recycle

AMELI bags are made to last for generations. We offer a complimentary repair service to ensure longevity. Each repair or renovation is undertaken with the utmost care and attention to detail by our supplier in Italy.

...to make your AMELI last


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