Co-Founder AMELI

Christina is our driving force behind our ideas, designs and vision.

"I wanted to create the bags I always missed during my time in consulting. Business bags that don't compromise and fuse elegance with functionality.

With AMELI, I want to empower women beyond handbags - With relevant content, but also by supporting girl's education."

Main Responsibilities: Strategic Agenda, Product Development, Website Design & Development, Communication, Branding and empowering six women working in her team.

Personal highlights on this journey: Spending 5000 CHF to the Malala Fund, being featured in relevant newspapers, over 600 amazing feedbacks and even more happy women.

Other activities

When the driving force is learning

"After my Master's degree studies, it was clear to me that I wanted to continue learning, much and fast, and ended up in Strategy Consulting (Strategy&). I was mainly in the retail & consumer goods area and shaped our fashion practice. To further extend my knowledge, I started my PhD studies in with the main focus on advanced analytics in fashion. The learnings so far gave me the confidence and skillset to start with AMELI."

Career timeline: Senior Associate at PwC Strategy& (2017 - 2019), Phd Condidate at University Würzburg (Since 2019), Co-Founder AMELI (Since 2020)

Personal highlights on this journey: Promotion at Strategy&, scholarship, first publication in relevant academic journal



Women empowerment as guiding principle

Not only at AMELI, women empowerment matters. It is my heart project and I want to controbute to a world in which women have equal chances. I have initiated the interview series "Strong Voices" with female role models. Also I am member of where I mentor a young woman and share my experiences in Interviews and Podcasts. I actively support other female start-ups by exchanging ideas, offering advice and featuring them at AMELI (Reach of over 20.000 people on Instagram).

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