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SECOND LOVE bags are AMELI bags that have minor imperfections that occurred during production, transportation, storage, or return. These imperfections can be as small as a scratch or a dent, but in no way compromises the overall quality or functionality of the bag.

As part of our commitment to quality and transparency, these bags are sold at a discount. As such, please note that all second love bags are non-returnable and non-refundable. Each bag is inspected in detail and all flaws are documented in the product description of the product to help you make an informed purchase.

While no two bags are the same, each of them are made with the same love, precision, and care – the AMELI way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in the conscious use of resources... and go all the way for it.

Economically, this SECOND LOVE SALE makes no sense for us. The effort and the percentages are too high to be able to benefit from it. BUT we want to contribute to resource-conscious behavior and could never destroy a bag. Every bag, even with imperfections, deserves to find a home.

+160 images created

We have documented each individual flaw or imperfection

+ 50 bags reviewed

We analyzed over 50+ bags, repaired, pimped and categorized them

0 bags destroyed

Since our founding in 2020, we haven't destroyed a single bag

Up to 70% off

We believe in fair pricing, so we don't do sales. Those discounts for us are HUGE.

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