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Article: The AMELI Guide to Meaningful Gifting

AMELI Guide to Meaningful Gifting

The AMELI Guide to Meaningful Gifting

Advent, advent, a light is sent. First one, …

Today marks the official beginning of our magical and beloved Christmas time. It’s the first advent. People all over the world light a candle, start decorating their houses festively, and many begin to wonder: Which Christmas gifts am I going to give this year?

Gifting is not always easy – especially if the gift should express your feelings for somebody very special. Therefore, our AMELI team has put together a list of tips and a selection of thoughtful gift ideas to help you find that “perfect” Christmas gift.

You might want to consider the following 4 guiding principles when looking for a gift that is meaningful, personal, and even contributes something good:

Gift a Story

The best gifts tell a story. Whether it is the insider joke you share with your best friend or that beautiful trip to Tuscany with your partner last year – try to make it personal. Gifts that matter are more than just an item. For example, get a gift made in traditional handcraft or book a weekend trip to the most beautiful Swiss castles (Château de Chillon is our favorite) for that history enthusiast in your family. Frame a picture for your grandparents of you and them or maybe just write a letter to the persons you love – about the stories you share and the qualities that make them special to you.

Listen Up

When we are busy with the daily grind, it happens all too easily that we listen without really listening. Listen to yourself. And listen to others. The people around us are often not shy about dropping hints about the Christmas gifts they would enjoy. So, make notes of what your loved ones say and get them the gift they actually wished for. Nothing is more wasteful than purchasing a gift already destined to collect dust on the top shelf. If you’re already a pro with that, try to read between the lines. The people around you may give “hidden hints,” sometimes even without noticing themselves. On Christmas Eve, the surprising effect and joy will be all the greater.

Price and Size Don’t Matter – Experiences Do

In the spirit of showing love, we may be inclined to go big instead of thinking what truly makes a person happy. Instead of getting the latest, most lavish, and expensive gadget, try to be smart, personal, and practical. Try to invest in gifts that last and fulfill their purpose. For example, if you are getting a gift for a baking lover, instead of breaking the bank on a fancy kitchen appliance, try booking a cooking class for both of you to enjoy together. Because after all, in our fast-paced world time is the most precious gift you can give and nothing lasts longer than the memories we share with our loved ones.

Shop Locally

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Try to give back and support local businesses. Make a change, spread love with your gifts and buy from companies with values. Here is a selection of a few local (Swiss based) companies we will buy our gifts from:

  • la fleur douce: Dried flower bouquets are sustainable, beautiful, and long-lasting, like our AMELIs. Founded by two sisters, la fleur douce is the kind of business we love to support this gifting season. 
  • Coel FragrancesWith the sets from Zurich-based Coel Fragrances, you can now cast your own scented candles safely from home. We look forward to creating new memories together with our loved ones. 
  • Eli-O JewelryELI-O jewelry is designed and handmade to order in Geneva by law student turned jewelry maker Elisa Pantazopoulos. Her creations are timeless and make a beautiful gift that is as enduring as the relationship with the most special people in our lives. 
  • Jungle FolkBased in Zurich, Jungle Folk makes timeless and conscious womenswear that is ethically produced in Peru and Portugal. Most of the items in the recent collection have been created in the homes of the artisans Jungle Folk works with.
  • Águas da Lua: Founded by a young couple in Eastern Switzerland, Águas da Lua brings us fresh and sustainably produced jewelry at an attainable price point. 
  • SoederThe Zurich based collective Soeder makes high-quality and sustainable everyday goods. We especially love the natural soaps and hand sanitizers, which smell beautiful and are one hundred percent self-made in Soeder’s own factory in Zurich. 

The AMELI team wishes you a reflective and cheerful start into this year’s Christmas season. We hope we could inspire you to find a meaningful gift for your loved ones. Above all, always remember Christmas is the feast of love, and so shall your gifts be – full of love and affection.

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