AMELI - from and for striving women

AMELI was founded in 2020 with the ambition to revolutionize the handbag industry. We want to give women the bags they missed - elegant, timeless pieces that don't compromise on functionality.

Women Empowerment

5% of profits for women education

We want to create a space that provides more than bags. We want to accompany women on their journey by offering advice and perspectives.

With our #StrongVoices and Thoughts, we want to inspire and motivate this AMELI community. But also we want to contribute to a world in which every girl has equal chances - for that, 5% of our profits will be donated to selected NGOs.

Craftsmanship & Sustainability

All our products are handmade in Italy with transparency and integrity.

We carefully select high-quality materials from Italy from established manufacturers. Our products are then handmade by a small family business close to the Swiss boarder under fair working conditions.

To value the environment, we do everything to make our products last - Timeless design and high-quality paired with a complimentary repair service. To minimize waste and overproduction, we use leather leftovers for our accessoires and produce only in small badges.


Our looks

Our daily dose of inspiration

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