Take a breather. In and out.

This months theme has us #divingdeeper into our inner self, seeking balance throughout the day. Together with LUVIYO we take time to refocus our mind and learn more about the importance of rest for our body and soul.


Save the date: 17.07 at 6.30 pm

With more than 15+ years experience in the fashion industry, Marta Ludovici is a true power source in herself. Experiencing the effects of stress and pressure, yoga became an important part of her private life and has helped Marta to calm down after long days. This year she decided to turn her private passion into something even bigger, becoming the CEO of LUVIYO.

Join us for an evening talk between Marta and Christina on Instagram about the challenges of running a business, keeping your mental, as well as physical, health in balance and making it as a women in business.
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We have something special planned for you and our new friends from the LUVIYO community. 

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Finding balance has always been a major goal for Christina. In our blog post, she shares her thoughts on how to stay resilient in stressful situations and what tactics have helped her to stay calm, especially when everything feels overwhelming.

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