AMELI ZURICH Interview with Helena Milchrahm

StrongVoices Interview #5: Helena Milchrahm, co-founder of “BRUNA The Label”

In our 5th “StrongVoices” edition we talked to Helena Milchrahm, co-founder and creative director of the jewelry start-up BRUNA The Label. The brand designs and creates jewelry out of natural pearls that are considered to be “unperfect” and thus “unusable” by the pearl industry. BRUNA The Label now uses these by-products to create conscious, long-lasting jewelry. In our interview, Helena tells us some more details about her journey of building up her own business. ABOUT HELENA: Helena graduated in International/Global Studies, did an internship in the automotive industry, and then travelled around the world for six months, where the idea...

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AMELI ZURICH Interview with Lynn Mikolajczak

StrongVoices Interview #4: Lynn Mikolajczak, entrepreneur and work fashion expert

The new year just has started and we want to give you some inspiration with another StrongVoices story. So today, it's time for volume #4 within our StrongVoices edition. This time we talked to entrepreneur and work fashion expert Lynn Mikolajczak. ABOUT LYNN: Lynn Mikolajczak is a Belgian entrepreneur, digital marketeer and law graduate whose passion is to support ambitious women with their business styling and professional look to empower their career. She provides consulting for career-driven women and brands and delivers work style media content to connect them both.  "When you keep working on your dream, are dedicated and don't give...

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AMELI ZURICH Interview with Sabine Altena

Strong Voices Interview #3: Sabine Altena - author, coach and speaker

We did another Interview with an absolutely inspiring StrongVoice: Sabine Altena. She is an author, coach and speaker with her own coaching business ("Sabine Altena - Discover your Wow"). As she is a queen when it comes to talking, we did an IGTV on Instagram, so you can hear her speak. So, make sure you watch it on our Instagram channel. However, it is in German, so we decided to summarize the key points of the interview here again. ABOUT SABINE: Sabine started her career as an event moderator (on TV and radio shows), then switched to coaching in 2005 and founded...

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