VOGUE: Timeless, elegant and functional bags by AMELI ZURICH

"Timeless, elegant and functional" AMELI bags are featured in Vogue again | February 2021

WE ARE FEATURED IN VOGUE AGAIN! In the February edition of the Vogue Magazine our AMELI bags are presented again as timeless, elegant and functional. We especially love their perception of our brand creating business bags you will buy once and love forever: "AMELI ZURICH is a brand for striving businesswomen with elegant and functional designs based on precise craftsmanship. Handmade in Italy, AMELI ZURICH designs business bags you will buy once and love forever. The company is committed to building a sustainable legacy by emphasising quality and integrity when sourcing and manufacturing beautiful and durable bags." You can also...

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textilrevue features AMELI ZURICH

Swiss fashion magazine textilrevue features AMELI ZURICH | February 2021

After our feature in TextilWirtschaft, we are now also featured in textilrevue. Both of them are trade magazines for the fashion industry and we are beyond proud that we are recognized as an emerging brand. You can find the article in the textilrevue magazine (Issue 02/21) or directly read it below: Businesshandtaschen von AMELI ZURICH Funktionalität und feminines, zeitloses Design - Begriffe, die speziell im Bereich der Businesshandtaschen nicht leicht zu vereinen scheinen. Doch Christina und Christian (Charly) Stahl stellten sich genau dieser Herausforderung, kündigten ihre Jobs und gründeten ihr Taschenlabel AMELI ZURICH - mit der Mission, schöne und funktionale Businesshandtaschen zu...

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Woman Magazine: VIADUKT Best Bag von AMELI ZURICH

Woman Magazine raffles AMELI bag as "best bag of the season" | December 2020

We are so happy to see our new VIADUKT in dark green being raffled as "best bag of the season" in the Woman Magazine. From the 3rd December until Christmas (24th December) you can participate in the lottery to win our bag. Best thing: our bag comes filled with beautiful products selected by Woman Magazine. As they put it: "The classic bag of the Swiss label AMELI offers multifunctionality thanks to the upper handle and the long adjustable straps that allow to carry it crossbody or as a backpack. And the stylish bag is also packed with exquisite beauty goodies...

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VOGUE: Must-Have Bags for every Business Women by AMELI ZURICH

Vogue features AMELI bags as "Must-have bags for every business woman" | December 2020

WE ARE FEATURED IN VOGUE! We feel so excited and thankful that we are almost speechless. It's a beautiful early Christmas present to read that our AMELI bags have been mentioned as a must-have for every business woman by the Vogue Magazine.  The article summarizes our ambition perfectly: "Swiss-based AMELI ZURICH creates must-have bags for every business woman. Each piece represents their mission to create timeless and elegant designs without compromising on functionality - suitable for all 14'' laptops, attachable to luggage and with multiple ways to carry it. Each bag is handmade in Italy, ensuring high quality and longevity." ...

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